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Welcome to the Online Poker Advantage School where you can start learning and earning with our comprehensive tutorials and poker course. Our online poker school is packed full of information so be sure to check out all the pages. You will find online poker training, poker course information, our online poker e-book packed with tips and strategies, expert advice from Danish poker star Kim Birch, our top 10 poker tips for 2016, strategy guides and so much more.

The Number One Online Poker School

Poker is a popular card game. It's fun, exciting, and mentally challenging too. It can also be incredibly rewarding for those that like to play for real money. We have developed our school with the goal of helping you develop the skills necessary to be successful in this game. You will have access to a wide range of training material and some of our online poker school features include:

  • Expert tuition from Danish poker star Kim Birch
  • Poker lesson that are easy to understand
  • Video tutorial offering in-depth analysis and advice
  • Beginner guides that help you learn step-by-step
  • An online poker e-book
  • and much more

Online Poker Training

Our online poker training section gives you access to all the video tutorials. A strong emphasis has been placed on quality and our online poker school offers a true multimedia learning experience. Poker lessons are available in text and video making them suitable for everyone. There are multiple modules and exercises that are included in all sections. Our videos are high quality and feature Danish poker Star Kim Birch. They also allow for deep discussion on certain topics and provide examples of different hands and more.

Poker Course Information

Our poker course information page provides a complete overview of what you can expect from our online poker school. The course information is broken down into different sections from beginner to advanced player so you can easily choose where you would like to start.

Online Poker eBook

As an active participant in our poker school you will also get your hands on our best-selling poker e-book. Written by experts in the field it contains everything you need to know about earning real money from playing this card game. It contains expert tips and strategies as well as information on tournaments, buy-in prices, where to compete, and the best online poker websites.

Danish Poker Star Kim Birch

We are delighted to have Kim Birch as part of our online poker school. Since 2001 Kim, also known as "KB" and the "Danish Dragon", has been earning a six-figure income each year playing poker in both cash games and online poker tournaments. With her expert advice, you will learn how to win more poker games day after day. She is here to teach you how to play online poker professionally especially on games like Texas Hold'em. She will teach you when and how to bluff in an online poker tournament as well as some of the advanced poker moves and strategies that she personally uses.

Top 10 Poker Tips 2016

We have all the poker tips you need to make it big in 2016 including the most profitable games, playing multi-hand games, how free poker games can help you perfect your skills, and so much more.

Poker Strategies The Help You Win Online Poker Games and Tournaments

We have created some excellent poker strategy cards that you can use. These include basic poker odds and probability tables. We have charts for beginners that details starting hands and what you can do with them and so much more. Our poker strategies section also includes information and tricks that work. Our strategies section is broken down into beginning, intermediate, and advanced so it is easy to find the poker strategies that will work for you.

Enjoy the Online Poker School Journey

Our online poker school provides our members with high quality, comprehensive poker education that you won't find anywhere else. All you need is a willingness to learn and we will guide you the rest of the way. If you've always wanted to learn how to play poker this is your chance. Our online poker school allows you to learn at your own pace and build up your poker skills. We'll explain all the various poker rules and games like Texas Hold'em, show you where to find the best online poker tournaments, and how to win big jackpot prizes.

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